Name Seeker, Inc.

Data Consolidation and Standardization

Name Seeker ensures that your addresses are standardized to meet the United States Postal Service requirements. This process includes:

Coding Accuracy Support System

Name Seeker provides a coding accuracy system that improves the address accuracy of 5-digit ZIP, ZIP+4, carrier route and delivery point bar codes. With our incorporated DPVTM logic, we can further determine if the ZIP+4 coded address is recognized as a valid delivery within the USPS delivery network, further strengthening the quality and deliverability of your address list.

National Change of Address

This service matches database records with that of the USPS records of NCOALink to improve accuracy. The USPS NCOALink is a database of millions of permanent address changes, updated weekly and covering reported move information. Our NCOALink service identifies individual, family, and business movers and is passed against the USPS NCOALink database monthly to ensure we maintain the most current address on each consumer record. Considering that approximately 17% of Americans move every year, utilizing NCOALink is a crucial component of data hygiene.

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